“Authorized not, leave now” – said Dutch Man

I thought my days of being kicked out of places were behind me, but I guess not. Here’s what happened: I was wondering the streets of Brussels when I came across a sight of the most gorgeous building I have ever seen. I noticed a steep uphill drive-way to get to it – and you Read more about “Authorized not, leave now” – said Dutch Man[…]

Tavern Greenwich

Finally, an authentic Brussels meal. So authentic, I didn’t know what I was getting until it hit the table. This place caught my eye because of it’s central location in the high fashion district of Brussels. It was a small cafe-looking bar on the corner. I was starving, and I noted the authenticity on the Read more about Tavern Greenwich[…]

Manneken Pis

They say people travel far and wide to see this famous statue called “Manneken Pis”.  Sometimes he’s in costume, sometimes he’s naked, 100% of the time you will be disappointed. I couldn’t believe the amount of people snapping pictures and videos of this. “..Many great legends bring this little statue to life in the hearts Read more about Manneken Pis[…]

Art, Passion, & a Whole Lot of Waffles!

I love it here. My Airbnb is in a perfect location. I am staying where the local’s stay, surrounded my local eateries and shops. .5 miles in one direction is an amazing district in which the Grand Palace is – The City Center.  .5 miles in the other direction is the train station and more Read more about Art, Passion, & a Whole Lot of Waffles![…]

4th of July