Tavern Greenwich

Finally, an authentic Brussels meal. So authentic, I didn’t know what I was getting until it hit the table.

This place caught my eye because of it’s central location in the high fashion district of Brussels. It was a small cafe-looking bar on the corner. I was starving, and I noted the authenticity on the menu so I stopped in.

I was immediately impressed by the cocktail menu. They had everything. From beers, to wines, to Mai-Thai’s to Pina Coladas. Now, if you know me, you know I L.O.V.E a bomb Pina. But, when in Brussels…..so I ordered something called a Strawberry Spritz and it was the best thing I have ever drank. It tops a Pina. It was Vodka, Strawberry Liquor, and a light hint of cranberry juice served over crushed ice. It was incredible. If I knew then that I was so close to my Airbnb (I thought I was far, turned out I was .5 away per usual it seems!), I would have absolutely ordered a second or third…fourth.

While waiting for my drink, they brought me out bread. And, you know this bitch loves bread.

It was really, really good bread. I am glad I didn’t decide to eat it all while I awaited my food because it went perfectly with both items I ordered.

First, I ordered something which I forgot to write the name of. But, it was Beef Carpaccio with something something something and parma. I had no idea what Beef Carpaccio was when I ordered it, and the whole time I was eating it I kept thinking “please don’t let this be liver when I look it up”. But, I later found out its raw beef sliced thinly. If I would have known that, I would not have ordered it, so I am glad I didn’t know. It was really good. Went well with the bread! Disclaimer, the texture is what I would imagine liver-y. Just in case you decide to try it one day.

Next, I ordered Boulettes Sauce Tomate Avec Frites. Again, I din’t know what it was. But, it turned out to be meatballs and fries….and DELICIOUS. As an Italian, you could imagine I am a little tough on sauce and meatball critique. But, it wasn’t the same taste so it’s not comparable. I will say, this was phenomenal. The bread tasted great in the sauce, too!

So, while this meal was AMAZING and I “would” like to say I would go back……this meal cost me 45 euros. That’s $53 USD. As much I live by the “treat yourself!” mentality, HELL to the NO.




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