Aachen was a charming, beautiful, and colorful town which I am so happy I got to explore thanks to my “Train Disaster”

I first ventured out and headed to a beautiful cathedral, surrounded by local shops and a Sunday market. The church was beautiful, like most I’ve seen so far. But, the markets that surrounded it made me feel like I was on set at a movie.


There were multiple tour groups lined up in front of the cathedral, and I tried to find an English speaking group so I could listen in. But, sadly they were all different languages. By the time I was done exploring, I thought “I better head to the train station so I don’t miss my train”, so I did. And, I was 3 hours early still. So, I decided to venture off again but in the other direction. And, boom! I hit the mf’n jackpot!

Honestly, I was so excited that this was the only picture I took. But, right around this corner was an abundance of stores. SHOPPING TIME! The streets were busy and the stores were packed with people doing their weekend shopping. Now, this is where you may judge me. But, there was a Starbucks. And I got one. I know, I know. I am in Europe, they have the best coffee. But, I wanted a comfort iced coffee so I could enjoy it while I strolled through the streets and shops. One thing that was weird about my Starbucks experience here in Germany, however, is I got a bag of Columbia Roast with my Grande iced coffee order….like, okay?!

Anyways, I ventured in and out of the stores, looking for anything that screamed “buy me”. And of course, shoes like to sing that song.

I finished up my shopping and strolled the streets back to the train station where I sadly had to depart from Aachen. Along the way, however, I saw beautiful statues (the city had a TON of them) and landscapes which was very peaceful and calming to me, considering I was about to try my luck again with the trains.



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