Bahnhof Kebap Haus

I was hungry – this was open and right next to my hotel. So, I decided to stop in. In all honesty, I am not exactly sure WHAT this place is. They had pizza and pasta, burgers and hot dogs, gyros and lamb. A little bit of everything. If you are ever in the area and stop by, this most likely wouldn’t be a place I suspect you would order food from.

It didn’t seem very clean, and they speak NO English. But, I was hungry and there were people there which told me the food was at least decent.

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what I ate. I pointed at something and said, “That’. It was good, whatever it was. It sort of tasted like chicken, but I knew it wasn’t. I guess I will never know.


At least it was an experience!





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4th of July