Bar Levante

I was starving, and couldn’t understand German food menus. I have been brave on this trip – pointing at menu items, not knowing what they are, and saying “I will try that”.

But, I was HANGRY and so that wasn’t an option on this night.

It was 6:00, and I knew I had to head home and find a place along the way. I wondered into this –

Bar Levante is that whole downstairs section you see.

There were many options within, and I guess I picked the worse one of them all. The service was shit. Which is crazy, considering it was packed when I got there but by the time I got service it had cleared out. I ordered Bruschetta and Arrabiata.

The Bruschetta was actually really, really good.  They also brought me out bread with a white sauce. Which, I later found out was some kind of sour cream dip. The combination was really, really good. So, I had high hopes for my pasta.

My pasta was really, really not good. I had two bites the the bitterness of the sauce was too much. I didn’t even put my bread in it, that’s how you know I didn’t like it.

That’s all I have to say about this place. I was going to order a latte to finish off the meal, but I just wanted to go home. I realized as I left, I didn’t see anyone eating there. Everyone was enjoying coffee or wine and the ambiance – now I understand why.


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