Hotel Stadtnah

So, by now you know of my train disaster that landed me here. From the train station, in tears, I was able to compose myself for enough time to book this hotel literally in eye-sight from the trains station. I don’t have much of a review, as I am just thankful I was able to swoop up the last remaining room they had for the night. Had I planned to stay in Aachen and booked this hotel, I would be just as satisfied, however. It is extremely clean, safe, and very close to everything. You could throw a penny in any direction and end up at a beautiful destination.  The room was small, but it’s okay. I just needed somewhere to sleep. The man who checked me in spoke little English, but he tried for me and was very helpful. I also had the best sleep here than I have any other night on my trip thus far. #BLESSED.

If you are planning to go to Aachen, I wouldn’t rule this hotel out. There is breakfast available from 7 – 11 AM for 11 Euro’s, and it looked pretty good although I didn’t partake. The staff is nice, the bed was comfortable, and I felt very safe. Be prepared, however, to walk up many flights of stairs. I had to walk up 6 flights of stairs with my big ass bags and it was quite the workout!


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