Kramermarkt Oldenburg

Now, this is a story all about how my day got twist-turned upside down. I’d like tot take a minute – just sit right there – I’ll tell you how I ended up in a city in the middle-of-nowhere. 

Here’s the deal – I decided I am not going to partake in Oktoberfest. I know, it seems so dumb considering I AM RIGHT HERE, and the biggest Oktoberfest in Germany is a quick 5 hours away from where I am currently sitting. But, after some research and advice from locals and friends, apparently Oktoberfest is not really a great place for a single American female to go by herself. I debated and debated about whether I should just go, even for a few hours during the day light – but I decided against it this time.

So, instead, I looked for other events and celebrations going on in Germany. That’s where I came across Kramermarkt Oldenburg. From the looks of it, this seemed like it was going to be a state-fair type of event. The reason why I wanted to go because the website advertised 250+ shops. So, I was thinking this was going to be a fair on steroids. I was going to go all day and eat all of the German fair food, shop all of the local shops, and drink so much beer that I would warp into a middle class dad – ready to grill and tell awful jokes with my dad-bod.


But, none of that happened because…

It was NOT what I thought.

So, yes, it was a state-fair. And I did have a great time exploring it and experiencing it. But, it was in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, and a long walk from the train station. Also, there were no “250+ shops”. It was just fair rides, children running around, and the same German food vendor over & over again. It was a great time, but it wasn’t what I had expected and I will honestly say it crushed my soul a little bit because I had been planning to go since I heard it was opening. And, it definitely didn’t help that there was not a thing to do nearby either, as I took a 3 hour train ride to get there and only spent 2 hours at the fair.


Had there been shops for me to browse, or shows for me to attend (even if I couldn’t understand what was going on), my experience would have been a whole lot better. But, there was nothing there for me.

So, I left, but not before stopping into a really SHITTY coffee place across from the train station and getting an “iced latte” which turned out to be an “iced milk” from the lady at the counter who didn’t understand English and had a melt down over me ordering something OFF THE MENU.

Literally, guys, the menu said “iced latte”. If it didn’t say exactly “iced latte”, I would have kept it simple and ordered a damn cappuccino. 


Anyways, in an attempt to not waste my day (or the $$ I spent on the ticket to get to Oldenburg), I decided I would hop on a train towards home and get off at a station that looked like it had potential. And I did just that, and ended up in a quaint, unknown village which ended up really “oohing and awing” me, because of it’s authenticity- and lack of tourists. Really, I was the only one there.




4th of July