Waschsalon (Laundry) – SB Waschsalon Bremerhaven

This is a random post, but let me be random for a moment. I have been fortunate enough to have laundry available directly inside wherever I’ve stayed – until now. This means, I need to go to a local Waschsalon. This has been stressing me out. Do they take only coin euros? Do they need bills? Read more about Waschsalon (Laundry) – SB Waschsalon Bremerhaven[…]

“Authorized not, leave now” – said Dutch Man

I thought my days of being kicked out of places were behind me, but I guess not. Here’s what happened: I was wondering the streets of Brussels when I came across a sight of the most gorgeous building I have ever seen. I noticed a steep uphill drive-way to get to it – and you Read more about “Authorized not, leave now” – said Dutch Man[…]

4th of July