“Authorized not, leave now” – said Dutch Man

I thought my days of being kicked out of places were behind me, but I guess not. Here’s what happened:

I was wondering the streets of Brussels when I came across a sight of the most gorgeous building I have ever seen. I noticed a steep uphill drive-way to get to it – and you know if I walked up-hill for more than 10 minutes I am committed. Half way up, I noticed an elevator. In true Angie fashion, I debated walking down just to take the elevator up, but I figured my ass would thank me later. Forward on!

When I finally made it to the top and walked around the side, the whole building was under construction. A total disappointment considering the battle I had put on my body to get there.

That’s why they say “curiosity killed the cat”, because that walk nearly killed me.

(Oh, i’m dramatic by the way.)

Anyhoodle, disappointed, I decided I was going to explore what was on the top of this hill since I was there. While walking, I noticed a group of 3-4 people walk down stairs hidden within the construction sight of the building. So, naturally, I decided I was going to walk up those stairs.

Okay, here is where I royally messed up. Whatever this breath-taking building was, the inside was absolutely astonishing. There was an incredible staircase surrounded by huge marble statues. I say I messed up, because I didn’t know I was going to get kicked out and therefore missed my opportunity to capture this on my camera. A few lucky friends received a snap chat of this whole journey – from the uphill battle to being kicked out. You, my friends, are the lucky ones.

Continuing on, I walked around for a bit and was tempted to walk up those stairs. But, since I was alone in this big ass building and I had no idea what it was or where I was – I decided to explore downstairs instead.

That’s when I noticed it. You know those clear plastic slivers that meat shops and shit have hanging up in the doorway to the freezer section? In the wall, in front of me, I saw those clear plastic slivers and I needed to know what was on the other side.

I thought, “if this is where it ends for me, if this is where they take my organs to sell on the black market, I hope my family knows I love them and this was worth it”. But instead, some man in a dark suit approached me, yelling in a language that I assume was Dutch or German. I assumed German, because I correlate that language with harsh sounding words. But, since I am in Belgium, I am going to assume it’s Dutch.

Here is a synopsis of our conversation:

Dutch Man: somethingsomethingsomethingsomething

Me: Uh, what?

Dutch Man: No here

Me: I am here.

Dutch Man: You cant here, no

Me: I have to leave?

Dutch Man: Authorized not, leave now

Me: Uh, okay….

Dutch Man: *Walks with me out*

Me: Okay baaaaaaaaaaaaiiiii!!

Dutch Man: Somethingsomethingsomethingsomething

So, you know I will be back to get those missed pictures. I am going to find out what that building is, and I am going to walk up those damn stairs. I am not afraid of some Dutch man in a suit, yelling at me in a language I can’t understand. But, before I go back, I am going to learn some dutch phrases. Something along the lines of – 

“I am authorized here. If you don’t believe me, call your boss”  – Confidence is key.

Either way, maybe that will buy me some time to get those pictures. 




4th of July