Waschsalon (Laundry) – SB Waschsalon Bremerhaven

This is a random post, but let me be random for a moment.

I have been fortunate enough to have laundry available directly inside wherever I’ve stayed – until now. This means, I need to go to a local Waschsalon. This has been stressing me out.

Do they take only coin euros? Do they need bills? Do they take cards? Do I need to bring my own detergent? I don’t know guys, i’m spoiled I guess.

To be prepared, I got 10 euros in coins, 10 euros in bills, and my currency card with me. I, of course, brought detergent too.  I was told “you just put the coins in the machine and hit start”….so I was like, okay. easy.  I know that ‘anfang’ or ‘beginn’ means start in German. And, of course, that’s how it works in the United States so I will have no issues.


I walked in, and of course everything was in German. But, there was no way to insert money into the machine. So i’m like – is it free?

But before I even continue, let me just say – this  Waschsalon  was NICE. It was very clean and tidy, and smelled amazing. I guess it wasn’t what I expected from the looks of the outside of this place. I felt comfortable, and there was a sign of relief when I saw no one else was in the Waschsalon  to witness me trying to figure this shit out.

Anyhoodle, I was struggling. I put my laundry in the washer and then looked around for any sign of next steps. Right when I noticed there were pictures explaining what to do, a v nice man walked up to help. He didn’t speak English, and I don’t speak German, but we communicated with our hand gestures.  He owned the Waschsalon, and was going to show me what to do.

Did I mention, he was incredibly nice?

He brought me over to a machine (which I would have probably not found for 10 minutes) and showed me that I had to enter in the money, then select the washer number. Then, select whether or not I needed detergent (I didn’t). Then, go back to the machine, play with the settings (temperatures) and hit start. Easy, Peasy.

While my clothes washed, I was trying to determine whether or not there were dryers in there.

(I know, i’m an idiot. Of course there would be dryers, but I didn’t know for sure since everyone seems to hang dry their clothes in Europe)

I learned that Trockner meant Dryer (thanks, pictures that were supplied!) so yes, there were. I was hoping the very nice man wouldn’t try to help me this time. My thing is, once I learn how to do something, I really want to try it on my own. If I need help again, I will ask. I wanted to make sure if I had to go back, I could do it. So, I went to the machine and hit buttons to be sure I understood and I did. When it came time to dry my clothes, however, the man came over and helped me again. He was so damn nice, he just had an aura about him.

I wish I would have searched “How to say ‘do you want to get a drink’ in German”.

Anyways, now you know how to wash your clothes at a Waschsalon. Oh, and they take coins and bill euros.  Thanks for reading this very random post.

OH, and he had wifi and coffee 🙂 I also witnessed him scrubbing down every single washer/dryer after it was used, so this place was clean-clean-clean!


4th of July