I kept hearing Antwerp was a great place to visit, so I did. And, I was NOT disappointed. So far, I like every place i’ve been for different reasons. But, I thought Antwerp was breathtaking on so many levels.

I mean……really?! 

p.s – I wish I had invested in a nice camera or an iPhone 10 before this trip because like…ugh.

Antwerp was more than I expected. It was gorgeous. The streets were filled with shops-  both local and global stores.  Oh, and if you forgot your favorite shirt, don’t worry – there is an H&M literally every other store. And, they were all crowded..?!?

I had an amazing time walking through the streets and into the stores. I will say, it was very “american”, so don’t expect much of a local feel. I mean, there was a Five Guys and Pizza Hut. Nonetheless, it was the buildings and scenery that really made this a must for me.

It wasn’t enough their city is gorgeous in itself, but their train station?! I spent 10 minutes just wondering taking pictures. It was stunning. The detail, the history, omg…I want to go back!


Oh…and this gem.



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  • Beautiful. City was known for the diamond district. Badly bombed during WW2 but those buildings stood tall. Many refurbished.

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