So, here’s the deal. I had a wonderful time with the exception of being left by my tour..but we will get to that in a moment. Overall, my advice, Amsterdam is a place best visited with others. While  I had fun exploring and getting a few drinks in me, I didn’t feel comfortable partaking in the other activities that I feel one must do when visiting Amsterdam. I did, however, buy some Space Cakes to try once I was in the safety of my own apartment. But, that experience didn’t quite go as planned.  Let me back up….

Instead of venturing to Amsterdam “alone”, I decided to book a tour from Brussels to Amsterdam for the day. I figured I would meet people that way and we could venture Amsterdam together. However, I was surprised that although I booked an ‘English’ tour, it was actually an English, Spanish, and Dutch tour.  So, with the exception of one other guy who was clearly from the United States – and probably around my age – I didn’t get to meet anyone really.

We started off at a Cheese and Clog factory where they showed us how they made cheese. I felt awful, however, because the room was SO small and there were so many people, that I had to excuse myself and wait outside for the last 10 minutes of the tour. I couldn’t take feeling the breath of every other person on me while I tried my hardest to understand what the cheese-maker was saying. I really felt bad about doing that, because the point of my travels is to push myself out of my comfort zone. But, it was way too much for me to handle.


Once that was over, we headed into Amsterdam. Here is where it gets fun – the plan was, they were dropping us off in a location. We can either stay with the guide or venture off. At 5:00 PM, we were to meet at the same location they dropped us off at, should we venture off. Then, we would head over to the other side of the city for an Amsterdam Canal tour.

So, naturally, I decided to venture off! I got my bearings, and knew exactly where I had to be at 5:00 PM. I explored Amsterdam. I knew that it was a 420 friendly city and that was what most know it for – however I didn’t realize how crude it was. Nonetheless, I had a great time exploring the many districts and shops in Amsterdam! I had a light lunch with a few Aperol Spritz’s and I was feeling really great and happy!

..Then, 4:30 hit.

I headed back to the tour drop-0ff point because I did NOT want to miss the bus. I am always early, so I was there at 4:30. Of course, I was the first one. Then, 4:45 came…no one from my tour was there. Then 4:50….then 5:00….still, no one from my tour was there. By 5:10, I accepted the fact that somehow, I messed up and for some reason, I was not at the right spot. I took a glance at my map and saw why.

The tour guide said “meet here at 5pm”, so I thought…EXACTLY there. However, a glance at the map proved to me that we were meeting at the same building…just the other side of that building. So, I hustled my ass 3 miles to where I knew the tour was heading next and I was able to find the rest of my tour buddies there around 8 pm. Although, it did mean I missed the canal portion of the tour 🙁

Anyhoodle, I made it back to Brussels safely at the end of the night and now was my time to enjoy my Space Cake Experience. The thing is – I don’t smoke weed. I don’t do edibles. I’m not anti-weed, it’s just not for me personally. But, I figured as long as I was in an environment where I felt safe, I should try a Space Cake. So, I did.

And, nothing happened. I had two, which maybe was the issue. But, I figured since I don’t have an edible tolerance that 2 would be more than enough. I guess it wasn’t. I just stayed up for 2 hours hoping at some point I’d get the munchies because I got $30 worth of munchies food so I wouldn’t go wondering Brussels looking for food. I don’t even know if edibles give you the munchies, that’s how ignorant I am to it- but I wanted to be safe. And I was…because 2 hours later I was fast asleep until the next morning. I threw out the rest the next morning.

Maybe I did it wrong…I don’t know to be honest. But, if I were to go to Amsterdam again I would go with a bunch of people and do it right! Overall, I had a wonderful time in Amsterdam and I would for sure go back again!



4th of July