Viva la…Brussels?

Well, I finally made it and I feel….exhausted.

After 18 hours of traveling and a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes of sleep…I can’t wait to jump in bed.

Originally, I had planned to start my trip off in Amsterdam, but after taking the advice of many I decided I will do Amsterdam midway through my stay here in Europe. I haven’t seen much of Brussels quite yet. I got here about 4 hours ago. I showered, changed, and headed to Lidl. Lidl is a local grocery store.

Guess what I brought for dinner? Italian food.

FUN FACT: Brussels does not seem to be English friendly from what I’ve seen so far. No one at the train station spoke English (service team included), there is no English signage anywhere, my cab driver didn’t speak English, nor did anyone at the grocery store! I am looking forward to trying some local food – although the reason I ended up at Lidl is because I could not understand what anything on the menu’s were at the places I walked passed. If I wasn’t so exhausted, I would brave it out and try whatever is recommended – after all, that’s what I am in Europe to do! But, I guess I will start that journey tomorrow.

On a positive note, my apartment here is beautiful. It’s perfect. I have privacy and beauty in the back, and when I walk out the front I am right in the midst of the city center of Brussels.

That’s all for now. I can’t mentally think anymore. Stay tuned for my review on WOW Airlines and my adventures while in Brussels 🙂





4th of July