Ah, the beautiful sea-city of Bremerhaven


Bremerhaven is a harbor city here in Northern Germany. Fall trees align the sidewalks that line the harbor and sea-ports. I stayed in Bremerhaven for 2 weeks. This was a “main hub” for me. I spent a total of 3 full days in Bremerhaven (not consecutively) exploring this city. It’s a lot bigger than it looks, and there are many pictures to be taken of the fall leaves on the bright green grass. Bremerhaven would be a perfect day-trip if you are close.

This is the shopping center! On one side of the bridge, you can find beautiful views of the sea and the Mediterranean Shopping Center.

There are some really cool shops here. But, beware, they only take cash. There was an awesome Italian store and the owner was kind enough to take the cash I had to pay for my order because I didn’t bring enough Euro’s with me. There are lots of cafe’s and restaurants, including Bel Mundo and Taverna Di Vinci – both of which I ate at.  Oh, and if you want a nice ice-cream, you will find that here. Although, you can find amazing gelato anywhere in Germany I am finding.

On the otherside of the shopping center is the Columbus Shopping Center. This is more like your traditional mall but not as big. Again, a lot of cafe’s and restaurants should you want a snack. Just outside of the Columbus center, you will find a shopping street filed with local shops and eateries….oh, and gelato of course. It’s really beautiful, but again – have cash!

Bremerhaven is pretty big, so be prepared to walk. Unlike other big cities I’ve been to so far, there is no subway system or tram. So, get your walking shoes on!

Bremerhaven has multiple museums and harbor tours, too.  But, I wouldn’t say a lot of Tourists go to Bremerhaven based on what I’ve seen. The museums seemed empty and the harbor tours run few and far between. I will say, however, Bremerhaven is worth coming to if not for the scenery alone.

4th of July