Hamburg was my shit.


Here is a quick over-view of Hamburg. It’s fun, the people are nice, and it’s one of those places where there is always something to do. I was only there for 2 days, but I had a great time exploring. I arrived around noon, and the first thing I did was try to find my hotel. That was a lot of fun stress. Stay tuned for that adventure.

After I arrived at my hotel, I ventured off to the “shopping street” to wander around.  There is a TON of stores, miles and miles. But, the best part – they were mostly all 2+ stories tall. It was raining, so I spent my days there going in and out of the many shops that lined the streets.

One interesting fact about Hamburg that I noticed – rains like Arizona. It will come out of nowhere and rain hard for about 5 minutes – and then totally stop like nothing happened. During one particular episode, I followed the heard into ‘what I thought’ was another entrance to the nearby train station. The sign read “Euro Passage”, so one would assume, right? Well, it ended up being a great discovery because instead it was a 4 story mall.  #BLESSED

My night ended with some mediocre food located in a beautiful hall, which I will write a review for soon.

It was about finished with the day when I realized something awful – my sneakers died – RIP. I guess I have put so many miles on them, that the tops of them started to wear-out, and rain was getting in my shoes! That was a fun 3 mile walk home that night!

Originally, I had plan to shop for (1) day and do a tour on day 2. But, because of the rain, the tour was a no-go. So, instead, I visited the town hall and cathedral on Day 2.

The town hall was very pretty. But, they weren’t doing guided tours. So, instead I wondered until….I got kicked out. Seems to be a common theme. Except this time, there was a sign that said “Authorized Personal Only” in clear English (go figure) – but I saw the lady guarding the door walk away so I thought “what the hell, it would make a great blog post if I got arrested”. But, I didn’t. I was just asked to leave. Not sure why it was blocked – it was an empty room but okurrrr.

The cathedral was gorgeous. I have gone into many since I’ve been in Europe. They have all been extremely beautiful. I will say, the inside didn’t have as much detail as the other ones I have seen. However, they had the organ playing and a beautiful display of prayer candles on the ground in a sand pit shaped as a cross. Thus far, that was the most emotional I have gotten in a cathedral since I have been here. It was just peaceful. P.S – I am annoyed right now because I KNOW I took pictures inside of the church but they are M.I.A.   

I left Hamburg that night and headed back to Bremerhaven. All in all, it was great! I would go back and stay for a few extra days. Also, I didn’t get to partake but THEIR NIGHT LIFE SEEMED BANGING.



4th of July